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"A dream of mine that I want to make true"

There was a time when Nascar was only American, the leagues were American, the drivers were American and that was the norm.

Here at JPB we have given it a wider audience and with the help of Paul Clark from iLounge Racing both of our dreams have come true, For Paul it was always a dream to have a European Nascar league with in iRacing and well that dream came true with the Super Series on a Tuesday, so now my dream. A 100% Nascar race length series with the best of the best the communities have to offer and well we are doing it starting May the 4th yes i know "May the 4th be with you" we will be running the full length race distance from the real life Nascar Cup Series and the full calendar, including playoffs from the real life series.  So that's mine and Pauls dream, what about yours the Nascar series champion the best community of drivers on iRacing, well JPB have a team entering how about you get yours in two. 

Entry fee for the community race will be £25 per driver and trophies will be given to the top 3 in the Championship and also the winning team for their community 

James Parfitt the dreamer 

Cost: £25 
Trophies for the Championship Winner, and a community championship trophy

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